Preparing a PMP wheel

Correctly preparing a wheel is a job that requires time, calm and precision. A careful check is required along each of the phases, specific for each of the individual components that make up the wheel system.

  1. Component quality control

revisione mozzo PMP

The initial phase always consists of thoroughly checking the quality of spokes, hubs, nipples and rims. Having ascertained that the components meet the required parameters, we proceed with the actual assembly, starting with the insertion of the spokes into the hub body.

  1. Spoke pattern

 raggiatura mozzo PMP

In this case, with a straight pull hub, the correct positioning of the straight-pull spokes will ensure that each of them never comes into contact with the other. It is a very delicate phase: incorrect assembly could compromise the functioning of the wheel, as well as generate annoying screeching and unpleasant squeaks during use.

  1. Circle placement

 Nipples PMP

Once the hub spoking is completed, the rim will be positioned. The PMP rims used on our wheel sets are all asymmetrical: you must take into account the orientation of the side of the rim that has the greatest width (therefore the wider side) from the cassette side for the rear hub and from the disc side for the front one. The joining of the rim to the previously prepared spoking takes place via the nipples, as small as they are essential for the correct functioning of the entire system.

  1. Tuning

tensionatura raggi PMP

The final phases are also the most complicated and delicate ones: it is precisely in the details that you can see the difference between an economic product and a high quality one.
The appropriate checks and fine-tuning are carried out with the help of technical instruments (wheel centering, comparator and tensiometer) to identify the correct orientation of the profile and the correct tension of each spoke, in order to obtain a precise and safe wheel in its use.

This stage takes time and years of practice are needed to achieve a high-level result.

For us it is a true art form, a timeless classic craft.

And you? What do you think? Have you ever tried?


  • Corrado

    Buon pom chiedo cortesemente come poter effettuare la regolazione di un leggero gioco assiale ruota del mozzo posteriore cerchio nitro in alluminio da un lato vedo il taglio della chiave dall altro il tappo ,c è da inserire una brugola all interno di che misura.?o altro modo grazie mille

  • Andrea

    Salve, ma la possibilità di poter montare un corpetto ruota libera x campagnolo Ekar esiste? sulle NITRO CARBON RACE Grazie

  • Lorenzo - PMP

    Ciao Davide,
    grazie per il commento!
    Tutte le nostre ruote, comprese le NITRO CARBON RACE fotografate in questo articolo, sono disponibili anche con il corpetto Spline. Per selezionarlo, basta scegliere l’opzione ruota libera “Shimano MS 12V”.
    Facci sapere se hai altre domande!

  • Davide

    è possibile averle anche con il corpetto spline ?

    Grazie mille,

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