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PMP DH are downhill-specific wheels perfect both for professional use and for enjoying them in bike parks. They are designed to increase speed and control over all types of route.

They are made of 7075 aluminum alloy and weigh only 2255 grams for the wheel pair.

The edge of the Hookless rim is able to withstand impacts much better than the classic inverted J-profile.


Weight (Pair) 2255 g
Material Aluminum Alloy 7075
Diameter 29"
Internal Width 27 mm
External Width 32 mm
Profile Height 21 mm
Spokes Alpina Made in Italy 2 mm
Nipples Self-locking Brass
Hubs PMP Extreme
Braking system 6-bolt
Cyclist weight limit 100 kg
Maximum pressure 3 bars
  • PMP DH 29": these are Downhill-specific PMP wheels, perfect both for professional use and for enjoying them by speeding in bike parks. They have been designed precisely to increase speed and control on all types of route, while being able to withstand even the most traumatic shocks.
  • INCREASED WIDTH: The inner channel of these wheels is 27 mm wide. Optimized by experience on the Enduro and Downhill race fields, it has increased wheel stiffness and responsiveness, delivering exceptional pedaling performance and in the most technical sections.
  • ALUMINIUM ALLOY: These wheels are made of high-performance lightweight aluminum alloy, to combine rigidity and lightness. A pair weighs 2090 grams.
  • EXTREME HUBS: The Extreme hub is smooth and sturdy. From the Trail to the Downhill, he is not afraid of sollectation and effort. Fully manufactured at CNC in local workshops, we've been able to optimize it over time to make it even lightweight, so you never have to compromise between reliability and performance.
  • DETAILS: PMP wheels are already pre-set during assembly, so they do not require frequent centering and maintenance. The rim is Hookless with asymmetrical section and the wheels are Tubeless Ready. Use the product configurator to choose the hub sizing and freehub transmission that fits your bike.

Choosing the right configuration for your new pair of PMP wheels has never been like this simple

click on the options shown above choosing axles, transmission and possibly customizing the color of your wheels.

If you need to different configurations, for example:

  • purchase of a single wheel;
  • wheels of different sizes front and rear (mullet);
  • planks different in size to those shown or matched differently;
  • other customizations;

contact us in chat or by filling out the request below "ask for information". We will reply to you within the day or on the first working day and we will always try to satisfy every need.

All graphics on the PMP wheels are made through laser and the result is white. 
To give a touch of personality to your bikes, we also give the possibility to choose stickers of a Premium colour among those proposed, at the price of 29€ for all models.

Also, for those who want to further customize their PMP wheel set, you can contact us and request service Total Custom and realize your own custom coloring (+15€).
Contact us for details, we will always try to satisfy all requests.

All PMP products are covered by the Italian and European manufacturer's warranty for the duration of 24 months from the date of collection in the store or delivery of the product to the final customer.

The warranty covers all manufacturing defects and all those problems that may also arise over time due to these defects.

However, it does not cover normal wear and tear of the products or damage due to falls, bumps, trauma in general that the wheels and components of the bicycle may suffer during use.

Nevertheless, in all cases where the warranty has expired or is not applicable, we always offer the service of Crash Replacement which consists in:

  1. collection of the wheels by one of our express couriers;
  2. damage assessment;
  3. proposed repair or replacement with a new component of an equivalent or higher category at a discounted price;
  4. choice of the preferred solution by the customer;
  5. delivery of the new or reconditioned component.

To activate this service we will not ask you to register the product or to give us all your data: lo we will always guarantee to all PMP component owners who can show a valid proof of purchase of the product.

Full conditions and Crash Replacement price list

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