Egal CNC Tubeless Valves, 50 mm, MTB

Egal CNC Tubeless Valves, 50 mm, MTB

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  • TUBELESS VALVES: PMP tubeless valves are made of ergal and CNC machined, able to perfectly seal the rims of any mountain bike. They can be adapted to any valve hole on the market, as they are equipped with a new specially designed internal gasket.
  • INCREASED RING NUT: It is possible to assemble and disassemble them without using any type of tool, thanks to the increased ring nut, in order to easily clean them from any residual sealant liquid or dust.
  • LIGHTNESS AND RELIABILITY: Being made with these premium-quality materials, PMP Tubeless Valves are realiable and shock-resistant. Also, each valve weighs only 4 grams, half the average weight of other tubeless valves on the market.
  • ANODIZED COLORING: With their anodized coloring they are immediately recognizable on the wheel, allowing you to easily find them even in poor light conditions. Anodization also preserves the component from deteriorating, always maintaining its original colour.

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