Are all nipples the same?

Fundamental element between circle and radius, the nipple plays a strategic role in the proper functioning of a wheel.


We at PMP use nipples in ergal on all MTB XC-Marathon wheel models, since they distribute less weight on the periphery of the wheel and with their characteristic lightness they do not significantly affect the total weight of the set.

As regards the Gravity models, however, it is necessary to use nipples in brass in order to guarantee greater mechanical resistance and allow the wheel to be tensioned with higher tractions.

We recommend the use of nipples self-locking which minimize those annoying tension losses due to light unscrewing in the medium and long term.

During the assembly phases it is good practice to apply oils to lubricate the threads and facilitate the sliding of the nipple on the beam. In particular, vaseline oil proves to be very suitable as, after its application, it evaporates without leaving residues.

This procedure guarantees the correct coupling between spokes and nipples and will help you perceive spoke tension more precisely, even without using the tensiometer.

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