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This wheelset is ideal for racers looking for the perfect balance between weight and aerodynamics. New spokes and hubs give Grand Prix wheels a lighter, livelier feel for climbs and acceleration.

It features a carbon rim with an aerodynamic shape, which cuts through the wind to guarantee autonomy at speed.

The GP35 rim is made with a new laminate, with an asymmetric profile to improve the uniformity of spoke tension, preserving the duration of wheel centering and driving precision over time.

The new rim groove shape makes mounting and removing tires easier than ever and offers very low rolling resistance.
Using the wheelset without inner tube, friction is significantly reduced, for better efficiency and sealing, as well as limiting stops due to accidental punctures.

The combination of minimal aerodynamic resistance and low inertia combined with high lateral rigidity makes this wheel model fast and efficient on all types of terrain, from flats to the steepest climbs.


  • HUBS NITRO 160 with center-lock connection, equipped with a free wheel with 4 pawls that orbit around a 36-tooth ring, with an engagement of just 5 degrees: excellent for always being ready in passages that require sensitivity in transmitting power and precision.

  • LOOK FOR GP35 with a 35 mm high profile, they guarantee stability when inflated at high pressures. The rigid structure reduces energy dispersion during higher power releases and reduces aerodynamic drag contributing to speed.

  • INTERNAL WIDTH 22 mm to offer comfort, control capabilities and the ability to accommodate any tyre road existing on the market.

  • 24 REFINED SPOKES double butted, with 2 mm diameter at the ends and only 1.5 mm in the central point, complete the rigid and ultra-light structure of this wheelset.
  • STANDARD TUBELESS thanks to the included and pre-installed PMP Tubeless Kit, composed of PMP Tape and PMP VTR valves with increased through volume, specific for road use.



Cerchio asimmetrico
ruote pre assestate
cuscinetti oversize tubeless
Ensures strength and rigidity for a quick and snappy engagement. It guarantees rigidity and constant performance over time. Abundant bearing maximizes speed and minimizes friction.  The Tubeless Ready rim is already equipped with pre-installed PMP valves and tape.



Material Carbon
Diameter 700C 29"
Inner rim width 22 mm
Circle profile height 35 mm
Brake disc mount Center-lock
Number of holes / spokes
Rays type Finite 2-1.5-2 mm
Total weight (pair) 1365 g
Kit Tubeless PMP VT Road



This and all other PMP wheel sets are completely made in Italy or have undergone the last substantial transformation at our operational headquarters in the province of Bologna.

Choosing the right configuration for your new pair of PMP wheels has never been like this simple

click on the options shown above choosing axles, transmission and possibly customizing the color of your wheels.

If you need to different configurations, for example:

  • purchase of a single wheel;
  • wheels of different sizes front and rear (mullet);
  • planks different in size to those shown or matched differently;
  • other customizations;

contact us in chat or by filling out the request below "ask for information". We will reply to you within the day or on the first working day and we will always try to satisfy every need.

All graphics on the PMP wheels are made through laser and the result is white. 
To give a touch of personality to your bikes, we also give the possibility to choose stickers of a Premium colour among those proposed, at the price of 29€ for all models.

Also, for those who want to further customize their PMP wheel set, you can contact us and request service Total Custom and realize your own custom coloring (+15€).
Contact us for details, we will always try to satisfy all requests.

All PMP products are covered by the Italian and European manufacturer's warranty for the duration of 24 months from the date of collection in the store or delivery of the product to the final customer.

The warranty covers all manufacturing defects and all those problems that may also arise over time due to these defects.

However, it does not cover normal wear and tear of the products or damage due to falls, bumps, trauma in general that the wheels and components of the bicycle may suffer during use.

Nevertheless, in all cases where the warranty has expired or is not applicable, we always offer the service of Crash Replacement which consists in:

  1. collection of the wheels by one of our express couriers;
  2. damage assessment;
  3. proposed repair or replacement with a new component of an equivalent or higher category at a discounted price;
  4. choice of the preferred solution by the customer;
  5. delivery of the new or reconditioned component.

To activate this service we will not ask you to register the product or to give us all your data: lo we will always guarantee to all PMP component owners who can show a valid proof of purchase of the product.

Full conditions and Crash Replacement price list

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